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The Ultimate Guide to Know About Types of Ear Muffs

Types of Ear Muffs:

We have already discussed above the importance of knowing the types. And remember Larry from the story? If you don’t know the types properly you’ll end up buying the wrong one and bigger problems will take place. Yes, bigger problems than hearing ‘Good luck’ as ‘Food truck’. So, let’s know the types.

Types of Ear Muffs:

There are mainly two types of ear muffs. They are-

  1. Acoustic Ear Muffs: These ear muffs are made for hearing protection. When you’re looking for something to protect your ears from noise-induced hearing loss, these are the recommended ear muffs.

Acoustic ear muffs have some subcategories too:

Categories based on noise reduction ability-

  • Noise Cancellation Muff: These muffs come with a specific frequency suppression rate. They suppress noise to a certain level and balance sound. They keep your ears within a safe hearing level.
  • Sound Concealing Muff: These muffs come with soundproof ear cups/cushions. When you put them on, those ear cups/cushions seal your ears tightly and that results in zero sound effect.
  • Muffs with Amplifier: Well, noise cancellation muffs do suppress the decibel to a level for hearing safety, but sometimes that results into communication failure. That’s why some ear muffs feature amplifier. When the muff’s noise cancellation system does its job, amplifier seeks ambient sound and amplify important frequencies. So, these ear muffs help in hearing better without causing any loud noise-driven trouble.

Categories Based On Mechanism-

  • Passive Ear Muffs: These ear muffs don’t come with any electronic feature for the job. The structure and covering is responsible for the performance. Noise cancellation or sound concealment completely depends on the ear cups/cushion’s attire. These ear muffs only serve for noise reduction or concealment purpose.
  • Electronic Ear Muffs: These ear muffs’ specialty is their electronic mechanism. The sound concealment or reduction capacity depends on the wiring rather than ear cup/cushion construction. Besides, noise cancellation or sound concealment ain’t their only purpose. They are engineered with a lot more features. They are built with techs that are capable of communication. Sometimes microphones and amplifiers are featured. Wired and wireless techs are added to increase productivity. Some ear muffs can be used as headphones or tuners as well. In fact, these ear muffs are much more advanced than passive ear muffs.
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Categories Based On Event-

Yes, all muffs don’t work equally in different environments. That’s why several structures and mechanisms have been applied in their construction. Some ear muffs are only built for shooting, some ear muffs are made for hunting trips, some ear muffs’ use is strictly limited to military operations only, some are just meant for a sound sleep. Some types may vary to fit user’s demand.

  1. Thermal Ear Muffs: These ear muffs are made for cold prevention. When you’re out in a cold weather and need complete protection against it, that’s when you need these muffs. These ear muffs may vary in size and fabric, but the purpose is always the same.


We know that different types are made for different purposes. Yes, one ear muff for a specific purpose can’t deliver pleasant performance in other fields. So, you should always keep this fact in your mind while purchasing.

  • Acoustic muffs are only meant for hearing protection. It won’t provide you with any heat or block cold air from entering your ears. Same goes with the thermal muff. You can’t expect noise suppression, audio device connectivity or amplifying advantage from it.
  • You mustn’t expect electronic ear muffs’ privileges from passive ear muffs. They are made for noise cancellation/sound concealment only.
  • When you want to be in touch with sound while still avoiding high decibals, when you want to listen to music or NFL commentary, when you need to contact with the person standing on the otherside of the soundproof window; electronic ear muffs are the only option! You mustn’t look any other way.
  • People’s ears come in different shapes and their skull shapes are different as well. Some ear muffs come with ear cups in several sizes to fit all users. Some ear muffs feature adjustable headband for all face types. Some ear muffs are heavy, some muffs are light. There are individual options for children and adults sometimes.
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Features are also different in several types of ear muffs.

  • Passive ear muffs: These ear muffs come with a certain noise reduction rating. The headband is adjustable sometimes. Ear cups are built with noise cancellation/concealment ability. Weight, size and color may differ.
  • Electronic ear muffs: Features are much more elaborated from passive ear muffs. Along with NRR and convenient structure, some other things are included as well. It features microphone/amplifier or both. For better hearing protection, some brands include their patented technologies as well. It may include a radio tuner. Audio jack can be added too for device connectivity. Can be wired or wireless. Different modes are activated for different environments. Some ear muffs work in passive mode. Either battery-driven or chargeable. Weight, size and colour may differ.
  • Thermal ear muffs: These ear muffs’ capability completely depends on the attire. They are fabricated with heat providing fabrics. These fabrics keep your ears warm. The ear cups seal ears tightly to block cold air from entering inside. Weight, size and color may differ.

Intended For

  • Passive ear muffs: This ear muffs are actually intended for normal use. When you’re in a crowded place, in the middle of a heavy traffic, headache-giving noisy environment, when you want to get rid of the noise while still keeping in touch with sound; you can use passive noise cancellation muffs.

When you want to have a sound sleep, are not being able to concentrate on work because of the sound, trying to read a book, are sick; you must put passive sound concealment muffs on. These muffs are very useful for sick patients, people with weak heart, old people and little children.

  • Electronic ear muffs: Naive stuffs like passive ear muffs are never a match for hardcore operations. That’s when you need electronic ear muffs. These muffs are the best choice for hunters, shooters, military officials. But can be used by anybody. Even the morning jogger. Depends on your utility.
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When noise concealment is blocking sound and communication becomes impossible, electronic ear muff with microphone and amplifier is the only savior. If you want to get advantages like sound magnification, radio tuning, listening to music; you must turn to electronic ear muffs.

  • Thermal ear muffs: It’s intended for all the people who need protection from cold weather.