Shooting Ear Muffs

Shooting Ear Muffs – The Ultimate Guide to Buy

No matter the shooting activity, safety should always be your number one priority. Shooting ear muffs are an essential piece of equipment, helping to protect hearing while also enhancing the ability to communicate and hear range commands easily. They are specifically designed to reduce loud noises that can cause permanent damage to ears. In this article, we will discuss the importance of using shooting ear muffs and how they work in detail.

Why Do You Need Shooting Ear Muffs During Hunting Or Shooting? 

Shooting Ear Muffs are very sensitive to loud frequencies. When you clear a firearm stock, the fraction creates a very loud sound that imbalances the frequency level quickly and that hampers the membranes inside your ears. This is what the internal damage looks like. On the outside, one loud gunshot or continuous firing results in hearing loss. Sometimes, you will hear everything in a surprisingly low sound, sometimes you won’t be able to hear a thing for moments, sometimes you will only hear a buzz inside your brain and it will go on for a long period.

Sometimes you’ll feel pain in your ears and ear bleeding can happen as well. In fact, working in that environment for a long time and without any protection can turn you permanently deaf. So, it’s high time you did something about it and yes, I’m talking about hearing protection. Hearing protection is very important in shooting range and you must use some kind of hearing protector. For the best result, we recommend the best ear protection for shooting.

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Why Shooting Ear Muffs Are The Best

We’ve said before that none of the hearing protectors are bad. But if we go with just one, going with the ear muffs would be the wisest choice. Because earplugs just reduce noise a bit, but ear muffs hold more potential than that. It has more features. So for keeping various options, shooting earplugs are the best. Shooting ear muffs include all feature that is required during a shooting session.

How To Choose The Best One?

Well, we know that shooting muff is the best option for shooting practice, but all electronic ear muffs don’t deliver the same performance. It’s a big market, a lot of products are available, some of them may look good on the outside, but are actually faulty. How are you supposed to know that you’re not going for the wrong product? Well, it’s not that difficult. First, you gotta know your requirements, which we believe you already do. But in case, if you don’t-

  • What should be the suppression rate there?
  • Would sound concealment be okay?
  • Do I need to communicate there?

These kinds of stuff are your topmost priorities, they are your requirements. Now, that you’ve learned your requirements, it’s time to call for action. Go, browse the market and dig in.

You’ll find a lot of products. You gotta focus on their features. Look at the features and see if they match your requirements. If they do, then check out their reviews and user ratings. If the reviews and ratings seem pleasant, focus on the price. Combining quality and budget, you’ll surely find a good shooting earmuff set among all of them.

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Features Of Electronic Ear Muffs

Ideal shooting ear muffs must include these features:

  • High NRR: Gunshot is very loud and sharp, and when you’re in the middle of frequent firing, the damage is a lot more intense. That’s why a higher noise reduction rating is required that will suppress the noise profoundly.
  • Adjustable Headband: One headband size may not fit everybody. So adjustable headband is required that can be adjusted according to the user’s convenience.
  • Earcups with Good Seal: Ear cups with a firm seal are required during shooting sessions. It will conceal the firearm stock clearance sound.
  • Amplifier: An amplifier is required for communication advantage. The amplifier catches frequencies and amplifies them for pleasant audibility.
  • Microphone: A microphone is required for communication.
  • Lightweight: Heavy ear muffs inflict much pressure on the head and cheeks. That’s why lightweight ear muffs are recommended. Moreover, they are easy to put on. But heavy ear muffs will do as well, as long as you are okay with it.
  • Good with Eye Glasses: Goggles are compulsory during shooting practice. But most of the time, they are hard to put on because of the ear cup seal over the ears. So the design should be congenial to the goggles.
  • Audio Jack: It’s good to have an audio jack included. You can connect other audio devices with it and listen to external audio files.


The market is huge and if you go shopping with zero knowledge, there’s no doubt you’ll end up bagging the wrong product. A proper understanding of the product is very important for choosing the right one. And when the product is for protecting an important organ like the ear, you need to be more careful. One wrong product means no utility and a waste of your money.

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For the right investment, shopping guidance is very important and that’s why we tried to contribute here a little. We hope, our guidelines will help you to choose the best product and fulfill your requirements. For your shopping convenience, we’ve mentioned here all the details you need to know to understand ear muffs properly, discussed the types and features to meet your demand, suggested the steps that should be followed in earmuff purchase, and in the end, highlighted two most-used ear muffs: electronic and shooting ear muffs. We believe that this article will help you in every aspect and lead you to the best ear muffs. Till then, adieu!