Baby Banz EarBanZ Kids Hearing Protection

Baby Banz Earbanz Kids Hearing Protection, Black Review

Are you looking for a safe, comfortable, and stylish way to protect your child’s hearing while they play outdoors or at a loud event? Baby Banz Earbanz Kids Hearing Protection, Black is an excellent choice for young ears. This product provides quality sound protection, perfect for any activity that has a noisy environment, not only does the product offer superior sound-blocking capabilities, but it also comes in a sleek black color that looks great on kids of all ages!

Baby Banz EarBanZ Kids Hearing Protection, Black – An Ultimate Ear Muffs for the Kids


Firstly, are you a metalhead parent? A big concert next Friday? Do you want to introduce your toddler to your metalhead folks there? And you want the baby to acknowledge the raging power of darkness? Probably you need Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection. Well, your choice is yours, you live in a free country, and I’m no one to stop you, but I’d really like to inform you about one thing, do you think your baby will be able to tolerate all that screaming and guitar riffs?


And yeah, I also wanna ask the same question to that musician dad who takes his little daughter to his regular jams. Not just that. It really freaks me out that our kids have to tolerate these bangs, booms, wham, and beeps every day, everywhere! It scares me when the bus driver is honking roughly behind that motor that has a newborn baby in it. Or those annoying public places, those crowded conventions, irritating noisy trips-have we ever wonder, how they affect our delicate children? I know the answer already. Well, I can’t blame anybody.


This fast-paced technology-based world is entangled with it and we gotta live here embracing the side effects, but the problem is, kids are delicate beings, and their organs are sensitive. They can’t tolerate everything an adult can. And to be true, their ears are the most sensitive of all. Frequency after a standard level can be proved hazardous for them. Ghastly noise will not only damage their eardrums, but it’ll also affect their brain and mentality as well. So, you can’t compromise the presence of a standard sound level for their healthy upbringing.

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However, you can’t stop loud noises to save your child, but you can surely take some beneficial steps for their protection. Yes, I’m talking about a proper protector. Nothing can be better than an ear muff set to protect your child’s ears. But it’d be better if you choose to buy those muffs that are actually intended for kids. Because kids need better protection than adults and keeping that in mind, manufacturers have come up with some baby earmuffs. These earmuffs are designed only for kids. There are a lot of baby earmuffs in the market, so it’ll be hard for you to choose. Don’t get all worked up, we already have a name for you: Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection. Believe me, the product is worth it.

Overview of Baby Banz earBanZ

Therefore Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection muffs are incredible protectors for children. They work just like adult ear muffs but are manufactured for kids. Low profile design is introduced for easy use. The headband is covered with cozy leather. Earcups are constructed with soft cushions and are spacious inside. Comes with an SNR of 26dB and a high-quality NRR of 31 dB. They are extremely lightweight. These Baby Banz earmuffs reduce cringy noise, but don’t conceal the sound completely; children will still be able to hear ambient sound. So, it’s a communication-friendly noise-canceling muff. Comes in two different sizes for a perfect fit. Only child-friendly materials have been used for utter safety. Can be folded. These Baby Banz earmuffs can be used anywhere. If you are still not sure whether it’s the one you need or not, keep reading. The features and their benefits have been elaborately discussed below.

Gentle Headband

Well, children’s heads aren’t like adults. Children need more gentle care. That’s why the manufacturers concentrated more on the muff’s comfort level rather than a sturdy structure. As a result, the headband is covered with cozy leather. The leather headband doesn’t inflict much stiffness on a child’s head.

Low Profile Cushioned Ear Cups

Low-profile ear cups make the muff lighter. These ear cups are padded with a soft cushion that doesn’t snug to children’s tender ears. The cushion is kinda like a soft sponge. Low-profile ear cups are perfect for all children. The inside of the ear cup shell is pretty spacious. So they fit all kids’ ears properly and don’t form a painful tight seal.

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When we’re considering the best noise-canceling muff, one thing we always check first: is the noise reduction rating. The standard noise reduction rating stands at 22 dB. But these earmuffs feature a noise reduction rating of 31 dB. So, we can easily verdict its noise cancellation excellency. These Baby Banz earmuffs also come with a single number rating (SNR) rating of 26 dB.


Well, most adult ear muffs are heavy because of their stiff construction. But this weight is not favorable to children, they need something lighter, that’s why this muff set is constructed with low-profile features and tender materials. Low-profile slim attire makes the Baby Banz earmuffs lightweight.

Good Noise Canceller

Well, if the sound is concealed completely, your child won’t be able to hear a thing, but that’s not the purpose of baby earmuffs. Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection ear muff seals ghastly noise. It lessens the frequency of harsh sound, which doesn’t affect normal ambient audio.

Safe Materials Are Used

These earmuffs are intended for kids only. So, every possible protection procedure has been followed here carefully. Besides making the muffs lightweight, covering them with cushion and leather, and forming a tender structure; manufacturers have also shown cautiousness in choosing construction material. Kids can’t tolerate everything an adult can, so it was actually a very important step. No toxic chemical has been used.

Properly Tested

Since we’re talking about our little fellas here, safety is our first concern. Well, the good thing is these earmuffs are safety-tested. The hearing protection level has been balanced for the child’s hearing convenience.

Different Sizes

Well, kids are growing every day. So, one size ain’t enough for all, that’s why these muffs come in two sizes. Choose the one that fits your child’s ears.

Able Play Rated

Keeping special children’s needs in mind, Baby Banz earmuffs are Able to Play rated.

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Good for Anywhere

Yes, these muffs can be taken anywhere. Kids can take them on trips, games, camps, picnics, concerts, science projects, exhibitions, academic tours, theme parks, parties, or any other events. They can use them in the home too. Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection isn’t made for just a special purpose, it can be used anywhere regardless of the situation.

ANSI and EN Certified

Yes, Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection muffs are ANSI S3.19 and EN352-1 certified.

One Year Guarantee

Above all Baby Banz earmuffs come with a year’s guarantee. You’ll be able to replace your broken Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection muffs for free within the first year of purchase. You’ll have to register on BanzWear’s official website to get the privilege.

What We Liked Most

  • The lightness.
  • Cozy leather headband.
  • Cushioned spacious ear cups.
  • Use of non-toxic materials only.
  • Aren’t the snug fit?
  • Able Play is rated for special children.
  • Intended for general use.

What Can Even Be Better

  • The headband isn’t adjustable.
  • Doesn’t conceal noise completely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Baby Banz earBanZ

1. Can we be eye protectors/glasses with these muffs on?

Ans. Glasses with thin frames can be worn.

2. What is the age limit?

Ans. It’s actually intended for 0-12 years old.

3. Can it be worn during night sleep?

Ans. No. It’s made of hard material, so it won’t be comfortable. Besides, you can’t turn in bed comfortably with these muffs on.

Summing Up

In conclusion, the Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection muff is a good noise cancellation muff, no doubt, these muffs are constructed with gentle care to ensure complete comfort, and the leather headband and cushioned ear cups are gentle on the child. Your buying purpose of noise cancellation will be fulfilled. It’s made from safe materials and examined for security, your child can use them anywhere, besides, these earmuffs can be worn by anybody between the ages of 0-12 years. With so many privileges, do you think it’d be wise to say no to such wonderful muffs?