Right Ear Muff

Ultimate Guide for Selecting the Right Ear Muff

Selecting Right Ear Muff

Once upon a time (read ‘Last year’), during open season, Michael and Larry went into the woods. This was Larry’s first hunting trip ever. After walking for a while, they found what they were looking for moose riding on the surface. They looked at each other, the message was clear: time to get in a good position and load the gun. Michael whispered, “Larry.”


“Do you really want to take the first shot?”

“Yeah, that’s what we decided. Why?”

“No, I just wanted to confirm if you’re okay with it.”

“Don’t worry, fam. I’m absolutely fine.”

Larry took the ear muffs out of the box and prepared himself for stock clearance.


Well, the hunting party didn’t go well. But it wasn’t just the fact that Larry was a beginner, something else was responsible too.

After failing and causing all the deer to run away constantly, Michael ran to George with complete disappointment in his eyes.

“Well, didn’t see that coming.” Larry smiled nervously. “Of course, you didn’t! That’s why I was telling you what to do! Why weren’t you paying any attention?” Michael’s voice was harsh.

Larry was startled. “Woah, wait! Were you talking? I didn’t hear you say anything!”

“Jeez, Larry! I was screaming at the top of my voice! How can you unheard it?”

Larry scratched his head in confusion. “Wow, I didn’t hear a thing! My bad.” He confessed. But then he asked the question that was bugging him all along, “Hey, Mike.”


“What’s with the food truck?”

Michael lured, “The food truck?”

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Larry shook his head. “Yeah, when I took position behind the tree, you told me from distance, ‘Food truck’.” Michael rolled his eyes. “Goddamnit, Larry! Why on the earth would I say ‘Food truck’? I said ‘good luck!” But actually, when Larry looked at his partner earlier, his uttered words did seem like ‘Food truck’ or that’s what Larry could read from his lips.

Well, what an idiot! Maybe that’s what you’re thinking right now, but you can’t actually blame the poor guy for that. What else could be done? His ear muffs weren’t right.

The ear is a very important organ of our body. It carries one of the important senses that we need to live a healthy life. But do you know, how much care it needs?

There was one time when the high sound was limited to Thunder’s roar and high pitch screaming only. But the time has changed now, we live in a technology-driven world and chaos is our everyday partner. Noise is everywhere and the expectation of a calm environment is literally a far cry. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to live without any protection. Our eardrums are sensitive and we should protect them at any cost.

And it just doesn’t end here. We gotta protect them from the unfriendly cold environment as well.

That’s the reason behind the inventions of earplugs, ear muffs, ear warmers, etc. To be honest, none of them is less. In fact, they all perform great in their respective fields. But if you take it for a race and try to find a winner, you have to go with the right earmuff.

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Why Right Ear Muff?

Because ear muffs give you the advantages over both earplugs and ear warmers. They can cancel noise and can provide warmth too. Moreover, ear muffs are built with several other technologies that come in handy during communication and that can’t be done with any other device. And that’s why we’d keep ear muffs on the top. No offense.

But now you can ask a question and it’s a brilliant question indeed:

Ear muffs are good, eh? That’s why Larry failed to hear a single thing from Michael and mistook ‘Good luck for ‘Food truck’?”

You can roll your eyes after that and I won’t be surprised. Because your question is legit. Here I’m bragging so much, but the reality is showing a completely different picture. You can doubt my words hundred times for that. However, buddy, here’s the thing, you’re right from your place, but your perspective is totally wrong here.

His ear muffs weren’t at the fault, his decision was.

No, you’re not reading it the wrong way. This is what I just said, his decision was wrong. He made a faulty purchase.

When you’re a consumer, you obviously want the best product. And in the case of buying a right ear muff, this won’t work any other way. You’d definitely go for the best electronic ear muffs.

But how can you define the best? Moreover, in a market full of tons of products, how are you supposed to know which one is gonna be the perfect one?

That’s where the problem is, actually. We know that we want the best, but we don’t know the proper definition of it and we don’t know how we are supposed to get the perfect product.

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Earmuffs are constructed for a certain purpose. When you’re trying to find the right earmuff, you gotta pay attention to several facts. You gotta know the steps to define the best; otherwise, you’ll always end up buying the wrong set, and that’s exactly what happened with Larry. He knew that he needed a protector during a loud gunshot, but he missed several other important facts. He bought sound-concealing muffs. Yes, you need sound-concealing muffs in many places, but not obviously on a hunting trip with your partner, You need to communicate there and noise-cancellation muffs with communication advantages are the only solution for that. Larry wasn’t aware of this fact and that’s why his purchase was a complete loss. The event didn’t turn out well.

That’s right, this is what happens when you don’t know the requirements properly and make the wrong purchase. That’s why you need proper guidance. Only proper instructions can lead you to your desired ear muffs. And for this reason, we’ve sorted the facts that are required to be known and that’s what this article is all about. Check the facts and invest your bucks in the right earmuff.