Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muffs Review

Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muffs Review

Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muffs

Sound concealment is not a very good idea in the shooting range. We understand that those loud gunshots are totally unbearable and your eardrums need some serious protection, but what about the instruction, command, and communication purpose?

You need a good set of electronic ear muff that does fight the evil of ghastly noise, while still managing to provide you with the necessary sound. That’s right, we’re talking about noise suppression and sound amplification privilege. This is why we’re gonna highlight Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muffs now, one of the popular electronic ear muffs in the market.

Overview of Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muffs

Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muffs are definitely the electronic ear muff of one’s dream if you consider all the advantages it comes with. With a massive noise reduction rating of 30, this electronic ear muff offers the best noise cancellation and amplification privilege in the shooting range. Large ear cups are built to suit all ear types and are covered with Pro Form leather for a tight but comfortable seal.

The most amazing thing about its electronic ear cups is they work separately, and both of them feature their own adjustable tuner for hearing convenience.

Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muff set is constructed with dual circuit boards for the best electronic empowerment. Those military-grade circuits help to produce clear and magnified sounds with gold connectors.

An 8-bit microprocessor is used for the audiophile mechanism. Responses within 1.5 milliseconds. Features a 3.5 mm audio jack for external player connectivity. It works on batteries and shuts off automatically after four hours when it’s not being used.

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In brief, Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muff includes everything a shooter will want in his electronic headset.

But for an exclusive view of the features, check out the detailed discussion below.

Ideal for the Shooting Range

It all says in the name, doesn’t it? Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muffs.

These muffs are intended for actual shooting or shooting practice. That’s why, even the construction is military-styled, let alone the outlook. These ear muffs work great with pistols and caliber handguns. And weighs less than 13.5 oz. for operation convenience.

High NRR

Noise reduction rating is one of the most important features of an ear muff set since it depicts the set’s noise cancellation ability. The noise cancellation intensity grows with the rate.

An ear muff is considered good when it offers more NRR than 23, and here these Ear Muffs come with an NRR of 30; so you can understand how strong its noise reduction game is.

Best Ear Cups

Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muffs definitely feature one of the best-designed ear cups of this generation. It’s big enough to fit and conceal all sizes of ears perfectly.

ProForm leather is used for ear cup cushions which provides utter comfort with a profound seal. This leathery plush-covered plastic ear cup can swivel, so you can easily adjust it for a better result. Each ear cup comes with its own tuner for your fine-tuning privilege. You can adjust the sound compression or amplification rate by directly tuning their knobs.

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Well-constructed Headband

For longevity and durable performance, the headband is quite sturdy. It is adjustable, so it suits all sorts of skull shapes. This headband is padded with thick leather, so it’s pretty comfortable and doesn’t apply much pressure on the head.

Clever Mechanism

A good mechanism is what makes an electronic ear muff the best. Following this, Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muff uses military-grade dual circuit boards for an effective result against loud shooting noise. The ear cups feature an 8-bit processor for compression and amplification purpose.

Made For Shooting Range Sound Convenience

Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muffs are particularly made for shooting range use. Instead of being a total sound concealment muff, this set has concentrated more on its sound compression and amplification ability.

The main problem with sound concealment muffs is that they isolate you from the environment, you have to remove the headphone over and over again to hear the sound. To eliminate this problem, Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muffs got rid of the sound concealment system. The installed system listens to the ambient sound through a mic and eliminates chirping noise while the amplifier magnifies clear frequency to let you keep up with everything going around you.

Strong Amplification

Strong amplification power is required for the sound’s supreme magnified outcome. This Ear Muffs amplify the sound by eight times for a clever response. It doesn’t take more than 1.5 milliseconds for action.

Audio Player Connectivity

You can listen to your favorite music or radio station with the help of this ear muff set. It comes with a 3.5 mm audio input jack for connecting mp3 players and other compatible audio devices. You can also use this port for radio communication.

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Works Well with Battery

This ear muff works with batteries and one installment can last up to 250 hours. To save battery, the muff automatically shuts down after four hours of no use.

Five Year Warranty

It comes with a five years warranty for mechanical errors and one year warranty for construction problems.

What We Liked Most

  • Lightweight.
  • Provides a great seal against noise.
  • The attire is comfortable on both the head and the ears.
  • Ear cups feature knobs for sound control.
  • Doesn’t waste battery life.
  • Long-lasting and durable.

What Can Even Be Better

  • The warranty for the headband is short.
  • The ear cups are very large.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you use them with glasses on?

A: Yes, without any problem.

2. Can you use them with rifles?

A: Doesn’t do a good job with rifles.

3. Can you fold the set?

A: No, it can’t be folded.

Wrapping It Up

So, when Pro Ears Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Range Ear Muff set is rewarding you with the best noise compression convenience along with a great amplification system, why should you look any other way around? Besides, it features a great mechanism and good battery life for a surprisingly cheap price! Perhaps, this one is for you, bag it and call it a day!