Msa Sordin Supreme Pro X

Msa Sordin Supreme Pro X – Premium Edition – Electronic Earmuff With Como-Band, Green Cups, and Gel Seles fitted

Are you looking for the ultimate hearing protection? The Msa Sordin Supreme Pro X – Premium Edition – Electronic Earmuff with Como-Band, Green Cups, and Gel Seals is the perfect choice for any individual who needs superior hearing protection. This earmuff provides exceptional comfort and durability while providing advanced sound amplification to ensure that important sounds are still heard. and its unique design includes a comfortable headband, gel seals, and green cups to provide maximum protection against loud noises.

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X Review

All earmuffs are cool, seriously but MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X is the best electronic hearing protection. Yes, there are highs and lows in the market, a feature is absent in another model, some provide better protection than many other muffs and the list of those differences will go on all day long, to be honest. But that doesn’t mean they are not good.

However, the true fact is, good is good, but the better is always better. And that’s why we always seek the better. But, it can be asked, how are we supposed to know which one is better?

Obviously, that one features the advantages you’ve desired all along but didn’t find in other products, the protection is several times better. The comfort is much more intense. And MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X – Premium Edition promises it all, the best candidate for military actions. Give it a try and witness the splendid features for yourself.

Overview of the Product

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X is the best electronic hearing protection giving muff in the market and we can claim that proudly without any hesitation. MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X amplifies important sound besides noise reduction.

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It works in both electronic and passive modes. The most amazing thing is, MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X microphones are waterproof, so the splash of water won’t be a barricade for its duty. The MSA Sordin Supreme GEL Comfort Earseals is another great attribute for noise cancellation. Features headband with camouflage texture, the green Cup’s structure is convenient for both right-handed and left-handed people. AUX inlet is included. The main attraction is, manufacturers followed their own circuit, ASIC, for electronic instruction. The muffs are controlled by a microprocessor.

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X provides the best electronic hearing protection by compressing the noise level to 82 dB. Works on battery. Overall, It is a promising candidate for the best electronic hearing protection with unique electronic features. Is that enough? Well, for a complete inspection, the features and their benefits are highlighted below.

Military Styled Protector

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X follows the traditional military style to reflect its purpose thoroughly through the outlook. Though it’s not like you can only use them for military purposes. It is manufactured with slim green ear cups and a camouflage headband. All parts are made of steel which makes the ear protector sturdy and long-lasting.

Waterproof Muff

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X is a set of waterproof muffs, so you won’t need to worry about water anymore. And the waterproof system also helps with the electric circuit’s longevity since Circuit boards are made waterproof. Splashproof microphones are also featured. The waterproof attire makes it the best electronic hearing protection device regardless of the operation field.

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Conceals Harsh Noise

This premium-quality hearing protector does a brilliant job of concealing irritating noise. The protector compresses the noise to the level of 82 dB.

AUX Advantage

The headset includes AUX input that helps to connect with the external radio signal and maintain the connection.

Natural Sound Reproduction

Earmuffs are genuinely known for noise reduction ability, but as an electronic earmuff set, MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X does a lot more than just that, the microphone comes with a sound amplifier that amplifies the ambient sound. It takes low current consumption and makes it better with high performance. Moreover, the compression protects important sounds from being cut out and amplifies them with better frequency. In short, these ear muffs help you with your communication while avoiding unnecessary sounds.

ASIC Circuit and Microprocessor 

Manufacturers have used their own ASIC circuits for electronic instructions. The ear muffs are controlled by a microprocessor.

Convenient Ear Cups

Ear Cups come with a good fit for every skull shape. Moreover, those slim cups are comfortable for both right-handed and left-handed people. The company’s GEL Comfort Ear seals help a lot with a comfortable fit.

Battery Driven

Overall these muffs work with batteries and feature a waterproof battery compartment. Two AAA batteries are needed to get it started. 600 hours of battery life surely makes it the best electronic hearing protection muff.

What We Liked Most

  • Ideal for military action.
  • GEL Comfort Ear seals for a comfortable fit.
  • Waterproof body.
  • AUX inlet for audio connectivity.
  • The amplifying system for sound reproduction.
  • Own patented circuit for better operation.
  • Sound amplification is perfect for the shooting range.
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What Can Even Be Better

  • The gelled caps don’t come with their own unit.
  • Amplification can cause annoyance sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does the gel ear pad come installed?

Ans. Yes, it does.

2. Can these muffs be worn with a helmet?

Ans. Well, you can. But a version of these earmuffs comes with a neckband, especially for this purpose, so it’d be better to try that one.

3. Does this model come with a LED light?

Ans. No, it doesn’t.

Summing Up

In conclusion, MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X promises all the potential to be enlisted as the best electronic hearing protection muff. These military-styled muffs are the perfect choice for military operations and nevertheless, everyday life, and these waterproof muffs are built sturdy for long-lasting performance along with a comfortable ear cup and headband design. Gel comfort ear seals give you a pleasant feeling, while the ear cups provide you with noise cancellation regardless of the mode. These battery-driven waterproof muffs are a must-buy if you’re searching for the best electronic hearing protection.